The Walled Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden covers approximately 1 acre and was built according to a classic Victorian plan.

It faces south and slopes gently to the yew hedge at one end, maximising the impact of the suns rays and draining cold air away from the crops. Productive beds lie in each of the 4 quadrants bisected by a path flanked with deep herbaceous borders.

We practise a 4 year rotation plan and use our own compost, leaf mould and manure to feed the soil. We grow a wide range of vegetables from the traditional, such as Asparagus and Artichokes , to the unusual, Cucamelons and Oka, and every year we trial a few new varieties.

In our fruit cages we grow blueberries, tayberries, loganberries, raspberries, strawberries and 3 types of currants. Root vegetables are overwintered in clamps and leafy greens in the cold greenhouses and we aim to provide produce to the house for 12 months of the year.