Woodland Walks & Lake

It was created following the dredging of an overgrown pond originally designed to provide water in the event of a fire at the Hall.

Planting around the lake includes seed grown Acers, Betula varieties, a Metasequoia, Zelkova and other specimen trees. A gravelled path takes you around the lake to a seating area overlooking Siberian irises, Darmera peltata, astilbes and wild flowers.

On-going research into newts and other amphibians is still being carried out. Otters, Kingfishers and even an Osprey have been spotted here. The area behind the lake has been clear felled of conifers and is now undergoing a process of rewilding with native oaks, birch and bluebells.

Woodland Walks

A shelter belt of 150 year old beech encircle the back of the gardens known as“Garden Wood”.

Paths here are strewn with ash and old pottery from the house 100 years ago.

In one area a favourite horse was buried “Lady Betty 1899­-1931” and in another a memorial to Minx and Muffet (1921-1931) sits next to mementos of recent family pets.

The Lake

The lake is a relatively new area of planting.